child care centre Alexandria
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Current Fees 2018:

0-2 year olds – $105*

2-3 year olds – $100*

3-5 year olds – $95*

*For 2 or more days

We’re excited to welcome new families to our state of the art facility at The Woolstores. Conveniently located in the heart of Alexandria, surrounded by trendy cafés, offices and parks. Our childcare Alexandria centre is only a 5 minute drive to Sydney airport, 10 minute walk from Sydney Park and 10 minute drive to Sydney’s CBD. Our brand new facility features a custom built aquarium, 5 classrooms designed to enhance each child’s learning and 2 large playgrounds to promote exploration and physical activity. Our day care centre includes onsite parking with drop off and pick up zones for your family’s safety.Oz Educaion Interior_Jan 28 2017_S80S3552We offer:

  • Day Care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years old
  • Extended care hours from 7am – 6pm (all ages)
  • Preschool program hours 9am – 3pm (preschool group)
  • Monday to Friday (excluding all public holidays)
  • Nappies
  • Bed Sheets
  • Oz Education Advantage Preschool Program
  • Children’s annual portfolios
  • Enthusiastic, trusted educators
  • Government fee relief, CCB and CCR
  • 4 daily healthy, nutritious meals (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack)
  • Stimulating indoor & outdoor learning curriculums that cater for each age group
  • Educators are ‘First Aid’ and ‘Asthma & Anaphylaxis’ trained according to current regulation
  • Physical activity, fitness & wellbeing sessions via our friends at Sportstots, Kindy Active or Happy Feet
  • Chinese Culture Classes
  • On-site Dental, Sight & Hearing Tests
  • Exclusive online access to our interactive preschool program subscriptions to use at home and school for Maths and English

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Sandra Urbonaite – Alexandria Centre Director

Childcare Alexandria centre director

“I am a strong advocate for children’s rights, therefore I highlight the importance of building strong and caring relationships with all children. Each child is a capable learner, learning and developing in his and her own time. Every child’s family is their first teacher and it takes a village to bring a child up. I am a strong believer of having an open communication between parents and educators, and working together in partnerships to provide the best start in life for their child”

Address: 4B Huntley Street, ‘The Woolstores’,  Alexandria

Phone: (02) 8399 3504
Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm


“I find all of the carers lovely and caring towards my child and I feel good leaving her at the centre as I know she ends up having fun with them once I leave. They have made it easy for me to pick her up by having all her belongings organised and ready for me once I arrive which I really appreciate. I love that they have implemented the book where it has photos and information about what all the children have done that day. As a working mum now who has spent so much time with her before this, I miss knowing what she has been up to all day so I love walking in to read about this. ”

June 2015