Koala Group

In our Koala room we provide a range of learning experiences combined with comfort and care which encourages learning through play for children aged approximately 2-3 years old.

Our program incorporates a variety of experiences to enhance their skills including:

  • Literacy  (Learning Letters in Alphabet)
  • Mathematics (Counting 1-10,Learning shapes and Colours)
  • Language (Labelling, Asking and answering questions, Story reading, Speaking in sentences)
  • Expression (Drawing, Imagining, Confidence, Interacting, Concentration)
  • Self-help skills ( Problem solving, Self-feeding, Self-dressing, Toileting)
  • Communicating effectively (Identifying their name, Indicating their needs, Manners, Following instructions, Sharing, Reasoning)
  • Physical skills (Movement, Running, Jumping, Fine motor skills)

The day is divided between indoor and outdoor play where the children fulfill their curiosity as they explore and discover the world around them.

Koala Plain

Koala early education preschool childcare routine