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Benefits of Bilingualism

At Oz Education Early Learning Centres, we promote bilingualism and offer your child the opportunity to be exposed to a second language. University researchers reveal that learning a new language is beneficial to young children whose brain is growing at a rapid pace. Bilingualism and multilingualism can have an incredible effect on the brain enabling the development of social, cognitive and memory skills, and the ability to switch between tasks quickly, often with lifelong benefits.

Spanish Language

We provide on site, co-curricular Spanish language lessons with no extra cost. Spanish is incorporated with Sport and your child will learn Spanish through fun songs and dance, interactive exercises and engaging visual resources. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by 400 million people, and if your child is already bilingual, learning Spanish will help them develop multilingual skills.


We welcome children and families from all backgrounds and in partnership with parents, some of our centres offer additional languages including Mandarin, German and French.

“I always thought that exposing my little boy to lots of different cultures and languages, was good for him from a celebratory and a tolerance perspective. But it turns out that it’s more than that. Being expose to the rich multicultural fabric of Australia, is good for his brain development, and it’s good for all of us.”

– Parent (Babylogy) – The Benefits of Bilingualism by BabyLab, produced in collaboration with Western Sydney University (

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