Our Menu

sandwichesOur daily menu provided each day allows children to dive into a world of taste, nutrition and culture with a rotating menu based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.

Fuelling our children with food that they love is one of the most important aspects of providing education and care – food is energy, and it’s what they need for learning and play! All day long!

Each of our centres has an in-house Cook who has created a menu that caters to the ages, cultures and dietary requirements of our children and families. Our Cooks work with their Centre Director to create meals served with lots of love each and every day while embedding the importance of nutrition into the curriculum. Our Cooks are a huge part of our centre families – children enjoy their presence and interaction during meal times, serving practice sessions, and during menu reviews whilst they discuss what’s going into Afternoon tea fruittheir bellies.

Using market fresh produce from our lovely friends who deliver straight to our doorstep from the farmer’s markets, our cook’s whip up a storm each and every day, multiple times a day. Providing nutritious morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack gives children what they need for optimum development.

Take a look at one of our menus below as a sample to what adventures your child’s taste buds could be discovering.

Menu Sample

Bon apetit!