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Choosing the best childcare for my brave little Jerry

Choosing the best childcare with an outstanding preschool program for her son Jerry, was a priority for Mona. That’s because Jerry,


Australia Day Celebrations Inspire Learning

Australia Day Celebrations At Oz Education Early Learning Centre

If you stepped into one of our Early Learning Centres in January, you won’t miss that it’s Australia Day as they have been bea


Sydney’s New Year fireworks spark interest in Science

Sydney Childcare & Preschool - New Year Fireworks Science Experiment

Oz Education children have been discussing about how New Year is celebrated in Sydney and around the world, which sparked an interest in r


Oz Education celebrates NAIDOC Week

Oz Education Celebrates NAIDOC Week

Oz Education children celebrated the history, culture and achievements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through a wide


Oz Education’s innovative approach to teaching literacy skills

Preschool Teacher Takes Innovative Approach to Teaching Literary Skills

Oz Education has introduced Whisper Phones to help our Preschool children develop phonemic awareness, a crucial step in developing liter


What is NAIDOC Week?

NAIDOC Week is celebrated in most education settings around Australia each year, but what exactly are we celebrating, if we are celebratin



child education chifunese

Oz Education Early Learning Centres has teamed up with our wonderful friends at Chi-FUN-ese with an exciting extra-curricular program tha


Transition to School

Throughout the last few weeks, Oz Education Early Learning Centres has been hosting a “Transition to School” session at severa


City2Surf- 2015

Oz Education Early Learning Centres is proud to be taking part in the City2Surf 2015 marathon, a 14km run that will take place on Augus


Experiencing Sydney Park

Oz Education Early Learning Centres brought to the families of Sydney an experience of bonding and creativity at one of Sydney’s mos