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Starting school with confidence

Starting school is a big change for a little child. So how can parents help support their children and make their transition to school eas


Learning about Anzac Day at Oz Education

Learnning about Anzac Day at Oz Education

In the lead up to Anzac Day, Oz Education children learnt about its significance and expanded their knowledge in human, society and its en


Oz Education children show they care for the world on Earth Day

Oz Education celebrates World Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today, our children got busy with fun Earth Day activities that bring together art, science, music and creative art. They


Getting creative with a fun poem about Covid-19

Nursery Rhyme and Song for COVID19

Helping your child understand their world and COVID-19, what they see, hear and do, can help protect them and your family. We encourage yo


Talking to your child about Coronavirus

Health and Wellbeing

At Oz Education Early Learning Centres, our educators discuss world events with children to empower them to make sense of what they see, h


Health and Safety Update

New Childcare Centre

Oz Education Early Learning Centres have initiated an important Health and Safety Update to our existing policies with immediate effect. E


Learning to Care for the Environment on National Tree Day

Gardening Experience Early Learning

Oz Education children celebrated Planet Ark’s National Tree Day today. They rolled up their sleeves to plant a variety of seeds incl


School Transition Information Evening

Starting school is an important milestone in your child’s life. Oz Education supports our families on the journey as they prepare their


Early learning fun through creative Mother’s Day activities

Mother's Day Activities

In the lead up to our Mother’s Day celebration, Oz Education children have been learning new skills through fun Mother’s Day a


Maximise your childcare benefits

Check Child Care Subsidy and Save on Your Childcare Fees

Are you maximising your childcare benefits? Oz Education is now offering Flexible Hours to help families minimise out-of-pocket expenses.