An amazing learning journey for Jerry

Campsie Preschool and Childcare

Like most kids his age, Jerry loves playing soccer, eating pizza and spending time with his older brother and friends. The active, smart five year old has had the most amazing learning journey, that one would not have guessed that the brave little boy has a congenital heart defect.

Jerry started attending Oz Education Early Learning Centre – Campsie when he was two years old. His mother Mona remembers that choosing a childcare was a very difficult decision.

“I wanted a childcare that would provide him with the best care. Oz Education’s nurturing, homely environment put me at ease right from the start. It ticked all the boxes – their teachers were qualified and experienced, the centre was clean and they offered freshly prepared, nutritious meals every day. ”

“From our first day up till our last day at Oz Education, the support has been outstanding. Oz Education was like a second home for Jerry. His teachers knew his limits and were always there for him. Knowing that he was in a safe place, gave me peace of mind.”

The past few years have also proved to be a tremendously fun learning journey for Jerry. 

“Our play-based early education program has helped Jerry build new skills based on his stage developmental needs and unique interests,” says Nishi Gupta, Centre Director of Oz Education Campsie.

”We make learning fun. Our teachers also provide extended learning opportunities to further enhance each child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, in preparation for school and for life.”

“Jerry started with us in the Baby Room, so all the educators know him very well. Over the years, we have loved seeing him thrive and grow into a confident person. I can proudly say that he has acquired a strong set of  skills that will help him at school and beyond.”

Mona remembers that Jerry struggled a bit with with learning at the start and is delighted to see the change now.

“It gives me tremendous joy to see that he is able to sit and listen to his preschool teachers and actively participate during news time, just like he would in a formal school setting.” 

”He can spell his own name, identify shapes, colours and numbers, he can even sing in Mandarin and he knows a variety of sport and dance moves! We’re glad we don’t have to hold him back from starting school this year, thanks to his wonderful learning journey at Oz Education.”

Jerry will start school at St Mel’s Catholic Primary School – Campsie tomorrow.