Oz Education Early Learning Centres has teamed up with our wonderful friends at Chi-FUN-ese with an exciting extra-curricular program that offers a weekly Chinese culture class to our children!

Children will learn the Mandarin language and Chinese culture through interactive games, songs, art & craft, stories and many other exciting experiences that introduce a world of culture to our learning and environments.

The Chi-FUN-ese program enriches children’s learning and development through:

  • improving their communication skills through learning another valuable language
  • developing cognitive skills and strengthen the link between the left and right sides of the brain through learning a pictorial and tonal language
  • enhancing sensory motor skills through hands-on learning
  • building a sense of identity for children of Chinese background
  • building a connection to the local Chinese community amongst all nationalities
  • developing a better understanding and appreciation of diversity in our ever-changing world

You can view the curriculum here!

Classes run all year round at each centre and will be held on 1 or 2 days per week; days determined by interest and attendance. To find out more, contact us on 1300 644 125!