Easter Celebrations






This Easter, Oz Education Early Learning Centres celebrated the upcoming Easter break by holding their very own in-house bake sales. The children were very excited to take charge in baking the goodies with their educators. Each Early Learning Centre baked a range of sweets and had them on offer for friends and families.

This wonderful experience was then followed by an Easter hat parade that saw the Oz Ed Belfield children parading their crafty hats up and down the street visiting neighbouring businesses; they visited local supermarkets, news agencies and the cafe. The local businesses and residents applauded the children for their efforts and invited them to visit again.

Each individual centre carried out their Easter hat parade with their families, using this experience to encourage families to be a part of the wonderful memories that their children will be making at Oz Education!

The team at Oz Education would like to wish all the wonderful families and friends a HAPPY EASTER!