Learning to Care for the Environment on National Tree Day

Oz Education children celebrated Planet Ark’s National Tree Day today. They rolled up their sleeves to plant a variety of seeds including avocado, sunflower, radish, apples and white beans.

Learning to Care for the Environment on National Tree DayGuided by their educator Erica White, they explored how plants grow. Our children participated in the group discussion:

“You plant seeds in soil.”

“The sun helps my plant to grow.”

“Feed the plants water.”

They then work together to dig and prepare the soil. Each child took turns to plant their seed and covered it under the soil. Following, they watered their plants and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.

The gardening project also led them to discover the importance of plants and how they form a sustainable environment that keeps our planet ‘healthy’.

“Gardening is a fun, interactive experience that we use to deliver many key learning areas in our Early Learning curriculum. It teaches our children about the world they belong to and how to care for it, ” says Belinda Aliaga – Centre Director, Oz Education Homebush. Young children learn more about their surrounding world when they understand how it came to being.”

“Our little ones will also learn to observe how each of their plants grow through this inquiry based project. It offers an abundance of opportunities for our children to further enhance their understanding of science and the environment, and develop literacy and maths skills in an area that greatly interest them.”

“Most of all, it gives them the opportunity to enjoy being outdoors and working collaboratively for the good of the planet.”