Transition to School

Throughout the last few weeks, Oz Education Early Learning Centres has been hosting a “Transition to School” session at several of our centre locations. Local schools have been invited to speak to the Pre-school children’s families about what their schools can offer their children on both a short term and long term basis.

This informative session also allowed for families to find out more about how to best prepare their children for the first few years of Primary Schooling. The feedback provided to us by these schools coincided with everything that our centres offer our children as well as provided us with an insight of the expectations that schools have for children at such a young age.

Oz Education provides all our Pre-schooler’s a solid foundation in order to give them the best start to their Primary Schooling. Some helpful tips on how to prepare your child for School include:

– Focusing on strengthening their language skills; ie speaking their native language as well as the English language. Families are encouraged to hold conversations with their children to try and keep them engaged and focused on a specific topic for a period of time.

– Working on Self-Help skills; ie children being encouraged to dress themselves, using the toilet independently as well as being able to feed themselves and understanding the concept of a lunch box.

– Social interaction; ie allowing for your child to build their self esteem amongst other children and adults.

These three key points were the focus of all the “Transition to School” sessions that have taken place. Literacy and Numeracy skills are least significant in the transition process as they are skills that can be developed during the child’s first few years at Primary School.

Overall these sessions brought a great insight into what the schools saw as an important factor of  a child’s transition from a Pre-school to a Primary School.