Starting school with confidence

Starting school is a big change for a little child. So how can parents help support their children and make their transition to school easier? Research shows a quality early learning program can help young children thrive with confidence in a formal school setting. Hear from parent and teacher Dipesh Thapa whose daughter Maya has had a fantastic start to kindergarten early this year – he attributes it to the outstanding early learning and care that she has received at Oz Education over the past five years.

Campsie Childcare PreschoolerAs young parents, we wanted to find an established childcare provider whom we could entrust with our little baby. After a long search, we decided on Oz Education Early Learning Centres in Campsie. The Campsie centre has been providing childcare for many years and is well known within the local community for its quality of care. In fact, it provides more than just childcare. Their educators are highly experienced and qualified, the purpose-built play areas are safe, bright and spacious and they offer a comprehensive range of educational childcare programs and services.

“Professional and caring educators is what makes Oz Education the best childcare centre – they take the time and effort to get to know every child!”

I recall Maya’s transition to childcare was absolutely smooth. From day one, she was well supported and cared for. Her educators were accommodating to her needs and usual home routines. They also communicated to us daily about her routines which made the transition so much easier for us. She was well-fed as all her meals were provided for, following a well-balanced menu, prepared fresh on-site. Due to the strong emphasis on healthy eating, the Campsie centre won the NSW Munch & Move Award!


Each day, we were able to follow her learning and developmental growth stages easily using the online parent app. This gave us the peace of mind that she is in a safe and happy environment, supported by caring early childhood educators who are well trained in all aspects of early childhood learning and care.


“Maya started developing her early socio-emotional skills at Oz Education.”

Starting school requires the skills to socialise and make new friends in a new setting. Maya started developing her early socio-emotional skills at Oz Education. Their broad play-based early learning curriculum gave her the opportunity to build social confidence through playing and learning with her peers in her early years. 

 Oz Education’s Advantage Preschool Program has helped Maya become a capable and engaged learner prior to starting school.”

As a teacher myself, I value quality education and recognise its positive impact on a person’s life. The Oz Education Advantage Preschool Program has helped Maya to become a capable and engaged learner. It has helped her thrive in early literacy, math and writing prior to starting school. She has learned so much from her early childhood teachers who went the extra mile to ensure her learning was personalised to her interest, needs, and abilities. More importantly, they have nurtured her love for learning.


We highly recommend Oz Education Campsie Childcare and Preschool as they put children first. The family-run childcare is a wonderful community of staff and parents from multi-cultural backgrounds. Just the fact that they’ve been providing early education and preschool programs to Sydney families for over 40 years speaks volumes about the high standards of professional care that they offer.