All Sorts Of Sports!

SportstotslogoOur children have been enjoying the company of our friends at SportsTots who have been making physical activity and wellbeing fun for everyone!

From the makers of Soccer Joeys, SportsTots is designed to teach children the fundamental principles of fitness in an environment that’s fun and nurturing.

Each week our SportsTots Teachers are eagerly awaited and greeted by all of the children who are very excited about what’s in store for their upcoming lesson.

With a variety of physical activity sessions ranging from all of the multi-sport lessons including cricket, soccer, basketball and more, to gross motor fitness and one of the favourites amongst all of our little ones – dance, SportsTots are our partners when it comes to keeping our littlies healthy and happy.

This year SportsTots brings more than ever before into our centres, with their team of Early Childhood Teachers, Paediatric Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dance Professionals and Fitness experts to create innovative active movement programs that can be integrated into our Early Years Learning Framework.

Say hello to our SportsTots Teachers as you meet them around our centres!

Sports Tots All