Parental Tips

Children come in all shapes and sizes, have a range of personalities and characteristics and are unique in their own little way. As educators we try to unravel their complicated minds in order to understand their thoughts and set up stimulating experiences that not only challenge their way of thinking but rather further develop their skills in all aspects; that is their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and problem solving skills, social skills and many more.

This page will be used for parental tips that may assist families in further developing their children’s skills. Watch this space as it will be updated on a regular basis.

Parental Tips:

1. Families often struggle to have their child transition from one activity to another. For example, from eating to washing hands. Our educators have discovered that children respond better with music; in saying that, our educators use songs to assist in transitioning times. This method has proven to be quite successful as children join in on the singing and all their attention is diverted to the songs’ topic. Click here to see some transition songs shared by professional teachers.

2. All children really want is a bit of attention, appreciation and lots of LOVE! Feeling loved not only builds their self esteem and confidence but rather it adds to their spiritual well-being, in turn affecting their behaviour and outlook on life. Our educators are a key factor to building a child’s self esteem, however it is the parents that have a real impact on how their child grows and their perception of their surroundings. Here is an article that shares some tips on the things we need to be implementing at both the home and school environment in order to raise children that not only feel loved but rather appreciated.