Dance – Early Learning Program

At Oz Education, your child will get to enjoy four styles of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rhythmic. Trained dance instructors use a range of techniques to engage children in:

  • learning basic dance foundational movements
  • enhancing their imagination, creativity and musicality
  • reinforcing basic literacy and numeracy like counting out beats.
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JazzBalletHip hopRhythmic



A high energy lesson with funky beats and lots of movement! Jazz dance lessons are designed to keep little feet moving in time with the music building musicality and rhythm. Our children begin with correctly warming the muscles while identifying each body part and how it helps us to dance.


Classical ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms. Simple, creative exercises help children develop freedom in self-expression. With colourful props for added fun and imaginative glitter, children are engaged and focused throughout the lessons.

Hip Hop

Creative movements in Hip Hop lessons stimulate children’s imagination and develop balance, fitness, spatial awareness and self-confidence just to name a few! 


The style of Rhythmic is a skill-based dance that promotes strength, control, coordination and focus. Using lots of props, children balance on beams, perform short routines with ribbons and work as a team with our parachute in recognising colours and numbers. At the end of each lesson, children increase their flexibility, balance and strength with basic stretches and positions.

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