At Oz Education, we provide an outstanding Multisport Program that helps your child build a strong and healthy body and mindset through exposure to different sports. Your child will participate in sport sessions with trained coaches in small groups. Each session includes a nutritional talk, warm up, games, gross motor development, stretches and end of class discussion. All exercises in the Multisport program are specifically developed, age-appropriate, outcome driven and tailored to meet the National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

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Type of Sports

AFL/RugbySoccerBasketballTennisCricketAthleticsHockeySpace BallTee Ball

AFL/Rugby combine the best of two sporting codes. Your child will develop an understanding of how to kick and pass a ball and develop locomotor functions such as running, jumping, hopping, galloping, rolling, leaping and dodging. At the progressive stage, your child will begin to improve manipulative skills by engaging in kicking, striking and passing of the ball. The AFL ball is not round and its bounce will help children increase their reflexes and coordination. Children will apply fine motor skills to dribble with their hands, while also learning how to bounce and catch an oval ball.
Your child will learn the basic fundamental skills of Soccer through a highly stimulating and active program syllabus. It teaches children the fundamental skills to confidently control a ball, dribble, kick. During the progressive and fast-paced program, kids will learn to control, dribble, pass and strike the ball while being challenged with a range of agility and multi-sequence drills.
Basketball promotes teamwork, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.  Your child will learn how to confidently catch and throw a ball and progress to dribble a ball and run and jump through a maze of circuit, obstacles and courses to strengthen all areas of development.
Tennis improves body coordination, eye-hand coordination, ball-striking skills, agility, gross and fine motor control. Your child will improve dynamic balance through several starts, stops, changes of direction and hitting on the run.
Cricket will help your child learn the fundamental movement techniques of holding a cricket bat and apply hand-eye coordination to strike a cricket ball. Cognitive exercises will help enhance their understanding of numeracy concepts including counting, space and distance, and help them improve memory and concentration.
Athletics expose your child to a range of team and individual sports such as relay, racing, javelin and long jump. Your child will learn to balance and co-ordinate their movements as well as gain self-confidence.
Hockey will help your child improve their locomotor functions and hand eye coordination. Your child will begin to improve their grip of hockey stick with two hands and manipulate the stick to strike and dribble a hockey puck, which assists in improving their mid line and masters bilateral skills.
Space Ball will encourage your child improve agility and hand-eye coordination. Your child will learn to run and adjust their bodies at a rapid pace to throw and land balls on velcro vests. The children will need to coordinate their throws not only with other players’ current location, but also with their anticipated location when the ball lands.
Tee Ball improves gross motor planning through repetition exercises involving rolling, throwing, catching and hitting. These activities will help your child improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing. Ball skills are an essential part of the developmental progression.
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Benefits of Sport

Our on-site Sport program will give your child the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of learning multi sports including:

  • become aware of the basic rules that govern different sports
  • develop agility, balance, body and hand-eye coordination
  • develop their gross motor, fine motor and loco motor skills
  • build and strengthen muscle groups and stamina
  • enhance their social skills, sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for each player
  • reinforce numeracy and literacy skills through number and colour recognition games.

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