Early Learning Programs

Preschool, Daycare and Kindergarten

Oz Education Early Learning Programs and Curriculum are planned and delivered based on world leading research and standards of the Early Years learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standards (NQS). Our play-based early learning programs are designed to help your child develop a love for lifelong learning as well as:

  • develop a strong sense of identity
  • connect with and contribute to their world
  • build a strong sense of wellbeing
  • blossom into confident and involved learners
  • develop into effective communicators

Our holistic approach not only enhances learning but develops the ‘whole’ child. We offer a wide range of curriculum and co-curricular based learning experiences to develop vital cognitive, problem solving, physical and social skills that will help your child become a well-rounded, successful individual.

Early Learning Curriculum

The following are Key Learning Areas embedded in our daily planning in conjunction with the 5 developmental areas discussed in the Early Years Learning Framework(EYLF).

LiteracyArts, Music & DanceLanguageScience & TechnologyHuman Society and Its Environment -HSIENumeracyHealth & WellbeingSports & Physical Education


  • Story telling
  • Comprehension
  • Conversation – talking & listening
  • Pre-reading and writing
  • Love for books and reading
  • Letter-sound relationships
  • Sing and chant rhymes, jingles and songs

Preschool stage

  • Reading, writing and spelling
  • Alphabets recognition and phonics

Arts, Music & Dance

  • Dance – developing confidence and self expression
  • Visual Arts – craft and exposure to varying art forms (hand painting, dot painting, colouring, drawing, play dough creations, bead making, etc)
  • Music and its Elements, Movement & Creative Expression – the making and appreciating of their own music and that of others
  • Design & Imagination (3D model and construction)
  • Indigenous art and history


  • Meaning communication – talk, listen and respond
  • Bilingual language – Spanish with Movements Program
  • Instruction and Language – listen and follow instructions
  • Makes needs known- self expression
  • Joining group discussions

Science & Technology

  • Informative Technology
  • Communicative Media
  • Design and build projects
  • Science experiments
  • Inquiry-based projects
  • Problem solving skills

Human Society and Its Environment -HSIE

  • Our World & Environmental awareness
  • Geography & History
  • Local and International news
  • Natural and Processed Materials
  • Sustainability practices
  • Nature and Animals
  • Community awareness – (families, friends, and local communities)
  • Diversity and multiculturalism
  • Indigenous heritage and identity
  • Role and responsibilities in the environment
  • General knowledge – day, week, month, year, weather, seasons


  • Problem solving
  • Shape recognition
  • Measurement -language and units
  • Currency & Time
  • Spatial awareness
  • Structure, Patterns and Numbers
  • Data representation
  • Symbolism

Preschool Stage

  • Mathematics – Working mathematically
  • Mathematical vocabulary
  • Counting and Writing numbers 1-20
  • Knowing shapes and colours

Health &  Wellbeing

  • Values education
  • Identity – Developing self-respect and confidence
  • Team work and cooperation
  • Fairness and sportsmanship (fair play and taking turns)
  • Positive relationships (manners and courtesy with grace and confidence)
  • Social skills (building friendships and social interaction)
  • Socio-emotional skills – respect for others and positive expression
  • Self-help skills (self-feeding, self-dressing, toilet independence)

Sports & Physical Education

  • My body
  • Health & safety
  • Fine motor skills (gripping objects to correct pencil grip and control)
  • Early Skills (walking, running and jumping)
  • Physical Skills (gross motor, balance, coordination and fine motor skills)
  • MultiSport Program  – AFL/Rugby, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis

Early Learning Co-curricular

We offer a wide range of extra curricular activities to help your child try new skills, pursue their passions and develop their potential. All activities are run on-site, at no extra cost.

Award-winning Early Learning resources

Oz Education Early Learning Centres offer unlimited 24/7 access to award-winning MathSeeds and Reading Eggs to promote literacy and numeracy. Each session at our Early Learning Centre is 10 minutes. The program is interactive, engaging and rewarding, encouraging children to learn and strive for excellence through fun games at their own pace. All parents have access to the programs to track their child’s progress.

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