Advantage Preschool Program

Choosing a preschool or kindergarten is an important decision as it will shape your child’s development during the early years. The Oz Education Advantage Preschool Program is aimed at giving your preschooler an exceptional early education that makes the transition to school a positive experience.

Inspiring preschool teachers

Inspiring preschool teachersOur team of qualified early childhood teachers and educators undertake continuous training and development that are based on world-leading research in early childhood education. This enables them to continually provide innovative preschool experiences such as STEM that give your preschooler a great head start at school.

The advantage of a broad preschool curriculum

Preschool CurriculumThe advantages of our broad-based curriculum are many. It provides learning opportunities to preschoolers with different abilities and interests. This stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, enhancing your preschooler’s capability and confidence in learning.

Our broad curriculum also offers a balanced education, enabling your preschooler to advance in all aspects of their cognitive, physical, and social development and build amazing early skills.

Our preschool teachers document curriculum goals for your child in 8 learning areas which greatly improves learning outcomes.

The advantage of structured learning

Preschool letter and numbers handwritingAs our young learners progress to preschool age, they advance from learning through play to a structured program, to prepare for a formal school setting. They follow the Oz Education Preschool Timetable to achieve weekly learning goals and build their confidence in:

  • Reading
  • News presentation
  • Letter and Numbers recognition
  • Handwriting

View the key learning outcomes for Mathematics and Literacy.

The advantage of extended learning

Our preschoolers also have the advantage of using the award-winning Mathseeds and Reading Eggs programs at our centre and at home.

These fun, interactive programs allow your preschooler to learn at their own pace, guided by our educators.

It rewards the learner at each milestone, encouraging your child to further extend their early Math and Reading skills which underlie later school success.

The advantage of Life Skills

Preschool physical life skills

Our preschoolers develop a range of social and physical life skills before starting school. They form positive behaviors and socio-emotional skills that will help them make new friends when they start school.

Being physically independent helps them to participate in all learning experiences and achieve a smooth transition to school. These skills range from using a pair of scissors to the toilet independently. View our preschool Life Skills outcomes.

The advantage of Sport & Dance skills

Preschool sportsIt’s not just about learning at Oz Education. Our early learners develop a range of physical skills through enriching MultiSports and Dance classes with qualified coaches and dance instructors.

They aid with the development of many early skills including:

  • balance, rhythm, and spatial awareness.
  • hand-eye coordination and concentration.
  • fundamental movement skills and more.

The advantage of dental and vision care

Preschool health and wellbeing programFrom an early age, our early learners adopt good habits that keep them healthy and happy. They learn to make good healthy choices, practice personal hygiene, and adopt safe practices.

During their preschool year, they receive complimentary dental and eyesight health assessments from professional health practitioners. They also learn practical tips on how to achieve optimum dental and vision care.

Transition to School support

Preschool graduationWe will keep you updated on your child’s learning and development progress on our online Parent App. You’ll be able to view your child’s preschool Learning Portfolio and Progress Reports.

We organise Transition to School  Information Sessions to help you select a suitable school for your child. The preschool year ends in a graduation ceremony to mark our preschoolers’ achievements.

Quality that’s affordable

Our centres offer long daycare from 7 am to 6 pm (Sydney) and are approved for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) making our preschool program highly affordable. Your daily rate could start from $22 if you are eligible for a maximum of 95% CCS. Contact our Family Services Team today for help to maximize your CCS.

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Why parents love The Advantage Preschool Program:

Hear from John and Natasha
“Amelia will be so sad to leave such a wonderful place. Her preschool teachers have been amazing and made my little girl grow into a confident person. I couldn’t recommend Oz Education enough. John and I would like to thank all the preschool staff from the bottom of our hearts.”

Hear from Asif
“Watching my children grow over the last 4 years at Oz Education has given me the confidence that they are not only in a safe environment but also a happy one. This year my 5-year-old will embark on a new journey at ‘big school’, and I have no doubt that his self-esteem and confidence levels have been fostered by the wonderful team at Oz Education. The preschool has truly allowed my two boys to feel like they are a part of a greater family and it is clear through their smiles that Oz Education is not only a ‘preschool’ where they learn and play but rather a second home. ”

Hear from Andrew
“Our daughter has been at Oz Education childcare for over three years. We looked at a couple of other preschools before settling on Oz Education, but we knew, as soon as we walked in, that it was the place we were looking for.

The staff is great and the curriculum is sufficiently varied and stimulating, that often on a weekend, our daughter wakes up and wants to go to preschool again. It has been great to watch all the kids at the Oz Education grow and blossom alongside our daughter. Our daughter especially loves the Advantage Preschool program that Oz Education childcare runs.”

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