Childcare, Early Learning and Preschool - Enquire nowOz Education offers each preschoolers free access to Mathseeds, an award-winning, interactive online program, to help them reach the Preschool Mathematics outcomes of our Early Learning curriculum.

How does Mathseeds cater to the needs of early math learners?

Mathseeds teaches children aged 3-8 core math and problem-solving skills through highly interactive and rewarding lessons. Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn.

Why the use of Mathseeds is guided and scheduled at Oz Education?

At Oz Education, your child will learn Mathematics through a combination of play-based and structured learning. Our educators observe, plan and share each child’s learning journey, progress and outcomes with parents using a personalised a digital portfolio. Mathseeds is one of the learning tools used by our educators to teach early Math. Each screen session is scheduled for 10 minutes to ensure supervisory and guided learning is provided to each preschooler. This personalised approach greatly help our preschoolers extend their learning and improve outcomes.

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What our parents say

My son loved learning Maths with his educators and the Mathseeds program helped him improve his retention of math concepts which he now uses confidently at school.
We’re glad that we can access MathSeeds anytime, anywhere to check our daughter’s progress and even play fun math games with her, without any extra cost.

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