Reading Eggs

Mathseeds and Reading EggsOz Education offers each preschoolers free access to Reading Eggs, an award-winning, interactive online program to help them reach the Preschool Literacy outcomes in our Early Learning curriculum.

How does Reading Eggs teach your young child to begin reading?

Reading Eggs uses scientific research to teach young children essential reading and phonics skills through interactive animations, fun characters and wonderful songs. Reading Eggs lessons, developed by a team of highly experienced expert educators, are suited to each child’s abilities and their receive reward and certificates for their efforts which help keep them motivated.

Why Reading Eggs is guided and scheduled at Oz Education?

At Oz Education, the journey to becoming a proficient reader is balanced through structured and play based learning that’s tailored to each child’s interests. Our educators observe, plan and record each child’s learning journey and progress in a digital portfolio accessible by parents. Reading Eggs is one of the learning tools used by our educators, and is scheduled for 10 minutes each day, to ensure supervisory and guided learning is provided to each preschooler. This personalised approach greatly help our preschoolers extend their learning and improve outcomes.

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What our parents say

My son is starting school next year, he knows his letters and phonics and he has learned so much through Reading Eggs. We get 24/7 access which means he can progress quickly and get a head start. It’s a great building block for school.
I’m grateful that my daughter is guided by her educators each time she’s on Reading Eggs. They ensure the amount of screen time is just right for her age. They also pick up the new skills she’s learnt and reinforce them in the classroom.

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