Mathematics Outcomes for Early Learners & Preschoolers

Preschool mathematics outcomeAt Oz Education, our early learners develop and reinforce math skills through play. Our Advantage Preschool Program combines both fun play and structured learning to help our preschoolers understand early math concepts and accelerate their math skills.

Early Math Outcomes

  • Problem-solving
  • Shape recognition
  • Measurement -language and units
  • Currency & Time
  • Spatial awareness
  • Structure, Patterns and Numbers
  • Data representation
  • Symbolism

Preschool Math Outcomes

Working Mathematically

1. Describes mathematical situations using everyday language, actions, materials and informal recordings.
2. Uses objects, actions, technology and/or trial and error to explore mathematical problems.
3. Uses concrete materials and/or pictorial representations to support conclusions.

Number and Algebra

1. Combines, separates and compares the collection of objects, describes using everyday language and records using informal methods.
2. Groups, shares and counts collections of objects, describe using everyday language and records using informal methods.
3. Recognises, describes and continues repeating patterns.

Measurement and Geometry

1. Describes and compares lengths and distances using everyday language.
2. Describes and compares areas using everyday language.
3. Describes and compares the capacities of containers and the volumes of objects or substances using everyday language.
4. Describes and compares the masses of objects using everyday language.
5. Manipulates, sorts and describes the representation of two-dimensional shapes, including circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, using everyday language.
6. Describes position and gives and follows simple direction using everyday language.

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