The importance of early education

Why is early education important?

Holistic approach to early education and early learningDo you know that around eighty per cent of the brain is developed in the first years of life? According to research, the brain has the ‘most plasticity or capacity for change – it’s a period of both great opportunity and vulnerability’ and the impact of early education and experiences has on the brain development is greatest during this time.

An early learning environment that encourages a child to independently participate in learning is imperative for crucial growth and development. Through stimulating experiences in purpose built learning spaces, a child develops into a well rounded individual whose well established for life.

When is your child ready for early education?

oz-discoverWhile it is important for a child to be loved in their home environment, a child naturally is ready for active, independent engagement in early education when they are able to be on their feet and leave their carer for periods of time.

Independent engagement in a stimulating learning environment is important in the early years as it assists in brain growth during this vital period.

But that’s not all!

Physical activity is key for little people. It makes the body strong. It builds core and limb strength. It coordinates and refines movements and prepares the child by developing stamina for future schooling.

Thriving as a unique individual

Benefits of early education and early learning programsA child develops cognition through exploration of the environment. To be a successful person the child must learn to think for one self and solve problems on their own. They must learn to attend to tasks and to concentrate, important skills for life. A child also develops language, numeracy and literacy skills, and scientific and cultural understanding by engaging with peers and their surroundings.

Development is enhanced when the environment is rich in interactive learning and engaging resources.

Finally, the child learns about the world around them and make sense of it by absorbing information through the senses of vision, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

Holistic approach to Early Education

oz-education-preschool-graduatesSo what would you like your young child to achieve? Oz Education’s Early Learning Curriculum is aimed at helping every child from all age groups, aged 6 weeks to 6 years old, to:

  • develop a strong sense of identity
  • connect with and contribute to their world
  • build a strong sense of well being
  • blossom into confident and involved learners
  • develop into effective communicators.

Our holistic approach to education not only enhances learning but develops vital cognitive, problem solving, physical and social skills that help your child become a well-rounded, successful individual.

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