Physical and Life Skills Preparation Outcomes for preschoolers

Preschool Life SkillsWhen your child starts school, your child will be required, to a certain extent, to be physically independent in order to participate in all learning experiences. To help your child gain a smooth transition to school, our educators include a variety of experiences into our Advantage Preschool Program to help your child learn, practice and master physical and life skills before starting school.

Physical Preparation Outcomes

Your child would be able to:

  • Use a scissor to cut along a straight line
  • Enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor play
  • Put on and take off jumpers, shoes and socks independently
  • Make and design things using a variety of materials and a range of different manipulative mediums and tools
  • Hold a pencil to make marks on paper
  • Keep still for short bursts of time
  • Open their lunchbox and unwrap a sandwich
  • Use a tissue or handkerchief
  • Wash their hand properly

Life Skill Preparation Outcomes

Your child would be able to:

  • Use the toilet independently
  • Identify their own name in print
  • Say their own name and some of their address
  • Can complete a task and tidy up after
  • Play cooperatively with other children
  • Share and take turns
  • Listen to a short story
  • Show curiosity about their world
  • Share a teacher’s attention with other students
  • Identify and look after most of their own belongings
  • Separate from parents
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