Oz Education Advantage Preschool Program

7am – 9am: Extended care hours

9am – 3pm: Preschool program hours

3pm – 6pm: Extended care hours


The Oz Education Advantage Preschool Program prepares our preschoolers through daily school readiness experiences as we endeavour to make each child’s transition to school a positive and efficient process.

The program includes:

  • Structured daily lessons
  • Oz Education Advantage Preschool Program Workbook
  • Preschool timetabe (see link below)
  • Affiliations & events with your local primary schools
  • NSW Foundation Handwriting & Letterland resources
  • Weekly news focus
  • 9am – 3pm hours within a long day care setting with integrated school readiness experiences
  • Transition to school information evenings
  • Term by term breakdown to prepare children and families for the primary school year
  • Term 4 – Life skills focus
  • Child Progress Reports
  • Transition to School Statements
  • Culture Classes from our friends at Chi-fun-ese
  • Physical activity, fitness & wellbeing sessions via our friends at Sportstots, Kindy Active or Happy Feet
  • On-site Dental, Sight & Hearing Tests
  • Exclusive online access to our interactive preschool program subscriptions to use at home and school for Maths and English

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Lizard early education preschool childcare routine

Click to view our preschool letter and number timetable